Mission Statement

We strive to move our culture from awareness to action in preventing suicides and eliminating stigmas associated with mental health among adolescents and young adults.

Suicides per day
Suicide every 11 minutes (14% of them are Youth)
Mental Health emergency phone number goes live, nationwide on July 16th 2022

Vision Statement

Promote communication and open dialogue about mental health by building communities of adults who are certified in Youth Mental Health First Aid and prove to our youth that there is a community of adults who love and appreciate them, and work to build connections of support..

Provide educational programming in schools and community centers for youth about mental health that teach understanding of what it means. Achieve understanding of what it means to take care of one’s own mental health and to recognize when someone needs help.

Ensure that there is a feeling of security and safety when seeking help.

Please hold on and stay with us. I promise when you get to be 31, 42, 55 or 74 years old, you will look back at this hopeless time in your life and see it as a blip in this overall amazing life.

REMY, Founder

Our Why

We start asking “WHY” at two years old and never stop. Throughout life we question our feelings, our reactions, our purpose, and life in general. When it comes to mental health, especially while someone is waiting for a diagnosis, there are even more whys: Why am I different than everyone else? Why can’t I do the same things? Why do I feel this way?

After a diagnosis there are still whys.

When someone takes their life those who remain behind are left asking many more whys: Why didn’t I know? Why didn’t they ask for my help? Why them? Why am I still here without them? Why did they do it?

Through Launch2Life, we know that we won’t be able to answer all of the “whys” about suicide but we hope to understand more of the answers that will start conversations ​and drive action to ultimately ​prevent suicides among our younger generation.

For every 1 suicide, 316 people seriously think about it but do not go through with it
of youth’s with major depression do not receive any mental health treatment

Our Funding Criteria & Focus

Launch2life will be funded by donations, fundraising events, and merchandise sales.

Initially funds will be used to pay for training courses that certify adults in Youth Mental Health First Aid, educational programs in mental health with trained, experienced, & relatable presenters, and more initiatives.

As our Board adds more funding criteria, updates will be included here and on the “donate” page of our website.

We value full disclosure.