As members of Launch2Life, each of our Board members is committed to the cause personally. We openly share the reasons WHY we are determined to prevent suicides and remove mental health stigmas, especially among our youth. Please read on.

Remy A Stressenger, Founder/President & Treasurer

Owner REMY Creations, LLC Boutiques (Boston & Nantucket)
Boston, Massachusetts
My first experience with suicide was my father taking his life when I was 7 years old, then an aunt took her life a few years later. I grew up not telling people about my father because there was a distinct reaction when someone heard he took his life. Suicide was a sin in the Catholic church and mental illness was handled behind closed doors with a stigma attached to it.

Now as a parent, I have experienced suicides through dear friends’ children taking their lives knowing that each time is a heart wrenching tragedy that effects a larger community deeply. These deaths haunt me and have given me a sense that a purpose of my life is to stop, or least lessen the occurrence of them, hence, LAUNCH2LIFE.

Carter Clark, Board Member

Senior Account Director, Payroc
Cleveland, Ohio
My desire to be a part of LAUNCH2LIFE hits very close to home. I was totally unaware that my brother was suffering with a mental illness which eventually led him to take his own life.

I feel that one of the most effective ways to prevent suicide is to create awareness, and that is why I feel so passionate about LAUNCH2LIFE. Being part of the community that LAUNCH2LIFE will create will allow me to help others in ways that I could not help my brother.

I am excited to be part of a foundation that will help educate and create resources for mental health awareness to ​eventually prevent suicide​s. I wish I could have been there for my brother ​and understand that he was struggling!

Judy Mansour, Board Member

Chief Development Officer - Cleveland Christian Home Behavioral Health
Cleveland, Ohio
Why am I doing this? Because I know that feeling of abject despair, where you can’t imagine ever feeling any different, let alone better.

While I am not a religious person, I think all the time, By the grace of God go I. Friends, family, and colleagues saw what was happening and intervened. I’m one of the lucky ones who never got to the “plan” stage.

I want to change the broader narrative around depression and mental illness so that there is as little shame in asking for help for emotional or mental problems as there is for asking for insulin or Tylenol or a cast for a broken leg. So why LAUNCH2LIFE? Because the alternative is too painful not to. For everyone.

Ann Thomson, Board Member & Clerk

Manager, Corporate Procurement, Putnam Investments
Newton, Massachusetts
As I watched my daughter from a young age struggle with low self-esteem, depression, anxiety and eventually substance use disorder, it became very clear that all of our lives were going to be different.

In the depths of despair fear, sadness, loneliness and hopelessness took hold. Becoming educated, finding resources and reaching out for help began to ease our pain. Sharing our struggles, story and helping others brought connection, purpose and much needed hope.

For those that are suffering, you are never alone, there is help and it is okay to ask for it. When there is breath there is always hope, thus the reason why I am grateful to be a part of Launch2Life.

Amber Brown, Board Member

Executive Assistant, Haynes Mechanical
Chief Creative Officer, REMY Creations, LLC
Centennial, Colorado
Shame is the feeling I have felt the most throughout my life. As a child, it was shame of my alcoholic father, my emotionally detached mother and the sexual abuse I was suffering. That shame turned inward and as teen, I hated absolutely everything about myself. An eating disorder and drug addiction soon followed in attempts to feel even just a little better, like a little bit more. Had the girl I was then known what I know now the pain and decades of regret could have been lessened at the very least. I thought I was alone. I thought that the kind of things that happened to me didn’t happen to anyone else. I thought the secrets and the shame were uniquely mine and without question my fault. By the grace of God and real-life angels in the form of friends, I found a way to speak, to heal and to live. My why is because we are not alone if we tell the truth. If we are brave enough to share our real lives and not just convenient missives, we can find belonging, understanding and hope.

Sam Webb, Board Member

Co-Founder - LIVIN Australia
Los Angeles, California
I want to end suicides so that people do not have to go through what my friend Dwayne went through and the impact that had on his family and friends. I want to change the way people understand, perceive, and interpret mental health so that people can start livin again.